There’s an interesting meme all over the internet which is featuring Steven Tyler, and in that meme, Steve looks like a woman. If you are using the social media platform, you probably saw that funny meme.

According to recent report of Buzzfeed, British actress Kate Beckinsale has reacted to Steven Tyler’s meme and wrote a disrespectful comment over that meme. Here’s what he wrote:

“Legit thought that was me.”

Check out the screenshot of Kate’s comment below.

Fans showed their interesting reactions in the comment section of Buzzfeed’s recent Twitter post. We compiled some funny ones of them.

A Twitter user named Sparky said:

“Maybe when Kate is 93 instead of 43”

Another Twitter user named Scary Terry said:

“Wow! She has lower self-esteem than me”

Check out the tweet of Buzzfeed below.