Aerosmith legend Steven Taylor’s daughter, Mia Tyler, has posted a photo of her dog on the Instagram account, making an interesting DNA test statement.

As we all know, a member of Mia’s family at her beloved dog, Ninja Wolf, and she recently had a DNA test to find out the breed of Ninja Wolf.

In the caption, Mia thinks her dog is a Shepherd/Border collie mix while asking her followers to guess what will come out of the DNA test result. She also didn’t reveal the breed of the dog with the fans.

Here’s what Mia captioned:

“Got a doggy DNA test. What do you guys think she is? I think Shepherd/border collie.”

An Instagram user named jessmac9892 wrote this:

“Will you let us know the results & how you like the process?! I’ve always wanted to do that but heard some are scams.”

The podcast host Stephanie Falcon Simbari said this:

“100% that bitch”

See the Instagram photo below.