The daughter of Aerosmith’s legendary frontman Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler has taken Instagram to give an update from her family while unveiling she is the mastermind of them making the executive decisions.

The talented actress, model, and visual artist, Mia Tyler has been sharing the special and lovely moments of her family on Instagram for some time now. Showing that she’s a highly responsible and amazing mother, Mia has been revealing through several posts how she raises her son, Axton.

As you may recall, Mia Tyler has supported the organization, Youth Villages, to raise awareness about the abuse towards girls. She explained that she tries to teach her son how to grow up and be a respectful man while posting a picture of him wearing the face shield designed for this project.

Recently, Mia has shared the latest hairstyle of her son with a photo taken when one of Mia’s friends shaving Axton’s hair. She said that they had little lice scare so she made the executive decision to end it before it began.

Tyler added that Axton got scanned lately by professionals and fortunately got a passing grade with zero eggs and zero bugs. She thanked her friend, whose name is Joseph, for coming to the rescue and said it’s all great now.

Here is what Mia Tyler said in her latest Instagram post:

“Had a lil lice scare so I made the executive decision to end it before it began. I’ve been wanting to see him with a fresh cut so Joseph stepped up cuz he’s the absolute best & came to the rescue.

He loves it. We love it. Ps we got scanned today by professionals and got a passing grade. Zero eggs. Zero bugs. All smiles.”

You can see the post below.