Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler’s daughter and also a very well-known social media influencer, Mia Tyler, has posted a new photo on her Instagram Stories and explained the solution of how people should behave to get our kids back to school.

As the whole world stuck in the self-quarantine for almost a year, Mia stated that she has chosen to take her lovely son out of private school and admitted that if everyone follows the rules of social distancing, every single person would rid of the plague and get back to normal life.

Later, in the letter she has posted, she also stated that not even a single person has the right to jeopardize the other’s health with not wearing mask at all. Once again, she showed her the ‘influencer’ side by writing such a meaningful letter for her followers.

Here is what she wrote on her latest Instagram Stories post:

“This is my son on his ist day of school last year. I’d really like to send him back at some point. But everyone has to do their part in this so our kids can go back. Preschool is considered essential & has been open for a month. I personally refuse to send him in as we have no idea how this will play out. And my Son is no experiment.”

She continued:

“I have chosen to take him out of his private school as I feel like they are choosing money over the well being of the students & teachers. Homeschooling sucks. Our babies need to be around other children.

So I’m begging everyone to please just stay in & wear a mask if you have to go out. If we all did this for 6 weeks we could actually get rid of this plague and get back to normal. I miss life. My Son misses life.

Every day you go out & jeopardized everyone’s health is another day we have to stay in to not jeopardize everyone’s health.”

You can check out that Instagram Stories post of Mia below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram Stories