Legendary Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia Tyler has uploaded a new photo of her late mother, Cyrinda Foxe, on the Instagram Stories and celebrated her birthday.

Actress Cyrinda Foxe died due to a brain tumor in 2002 at the age of 50. She would have been 68 years old if she was still alive.

As you might see in the photo, Mia shared one of her younghood photos and left a short birthday message.

Here’s what Mia wrote:

“Happy Birthday, Mama. 2.22.52”

See the Instagram photo below.

A couple of weeks ago, Mia Tyler has shared some rare photos of her father, Steven Tyler and her mother, Cyrinda Foxe, via her official and verified Instagram page.

Mia Tyler has discovered two interesting Instagram pages that shared never before seen photos of her parents. She should’ve amazed from the photos that she started to share them one by one.

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