Aerosmith icon Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia Tyler has shared a really touching photo and a statement about her dog, Ninja Wolf, on her official Instagram account.

As Mia Tyler stated in, her dog Ninja Wolf was found near a church at the bottom of a volcano while she was lying down with the sicknesses in Costa Rica. Later on, the Costa Rica Dog Rescue team have found her and rescued from there.

After Mia shared this history about her dog, she also said that her favorite dogs are shepherds and the painted wolves of Africa.

Here is what Mia Tyler wrote:

“My painted lady, Ninja Wolf. She was found near a church I believe at the bottom of a volcano in Costa Rica. She was full of worms but void of true love. The bigger she gets the more shepherd she looks. My favorite pups are shepherds and the painted Wolves of Africa. And that’s exactly what she looks like a mix of. 🐺🎨♥️ Thanks to the good people at @costaricadogrescue & super babe @lisachiarelli”

His sister Chelsea Tyler Foster added this comment:


A fan named Heather Hellion said:

“She does look like the painted wolves of Africa, I’ve always thought that! You can do a dna test on her if you want the real specifics!”

You can check the post below.