Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s lovely girlfriend and also known as the former assistant of Steven, Aimee Ann Preston, posted a recent photo on her verified Instagram page and shared the beautiful moments she had with her sister.

As you might check out the photo right below, Steven’s forty-years younger girlfriend Aimee kisses her sister in public, and she stated that famous documentary photographer Katarina Benzona memorized that astonishing moment.

Here is what Aime wrote about the post:

🖤 She. Her. Us. We. 🖤 📸: @katbenzova_rockphoto #wcw

While Aerosmith star Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter Liv Tyler likes the post, almost other 1.5K followers pushed the like button too.

A user named aerocr made the most-like comment:

“Your sister? 🥰🥰 Remember to read about her. Hope she is doing well 🙏🏻”

Another Instagram user, icandrive_55 wrote this:

“The very best friends forever! I’m so happy you guys have each other!!”

You can check out the photo right below.