Heavy Consequence reported that Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose has released his first new song “Rock the Rock” in 10 years on Looney Tunes’ Christmas special episode.

You can watch the video from below. On that episode, Axl Rose attempts to use rock music to save the world from an asteroid.

Bugs Bunny asking, “Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?,” and Axl responding, “That I should go back to wearing a mesh jersey and kilt again?”.  Then, they play a song called “Rock the Rock,” ultimately blowing up the asteroid and saving the world.

I think, the song sounds like an AC/DC song. What do you think about it? In addition, check out the official intro of AC/DC’s “Rock Or Bust” Worldtour from below.

The last song by Axl Rose was released 10 years ago with the album “Chinese Democracy”. There are some rumors that Axl working on a new album with AC/DC.

Two weeks ago, during the recent interview with KSHE 95 podcast, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus hints at the potential release date of new album. Click here to details.