Guitar vituoso Angel Vivaldi spoke in an interview with Ultimate-guitar and revealed the reason of why Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain are his biggest influences.

Here’s the statement:

“So on the last record, for example, if I’m writing a song about the sleep molecule, it’s going to sound like a lullaby, if I’m going to do a song called ‘Adrenaline’ it’s going to be ferocious. When I have that vision, it’s easy to decide what dynamic you want to strive for and how to support the concept with my phrasing and the riffs that I write. Then from a visual standpoint, the videography has always been a huge thing.

Other than Kurt Cobain, my other biggest influence, hands down, is Michael Jackson. The reason why is because everything that he did was on such a huge scale – the performances, the music videos, everything was such a production. Fans were always wondering what he was going to do next.

So that was a huge part and then you couple that with Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, and Bjork, that’s the influences of mine from a visual aspect. Having visuals to match the music is important, for me anyway, and I don’t necessarily do it for anyone other than for myself, but obviously, I think it’s helped separate me a little bit more. Anyways, going back to the concept-album thing, it helps in that area too because it helps to tell the story.”

He also revealed the first songs he tried to learn:

“My first guitar I had was a red Silvertone which I lost. How the fuck do you lose guitar like it’s a sock in a dryer, where the fuck did it go? So I have no idea where this guitar is but it was a red Silvertone and it had a small Gorilla Amp.

The first song I tried to learn was ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ There was also ‘Crazy on You’ by Heart, which I loved. There was a Stone Temple Pilots song too that I can’t remember the name of, but those were the three that I really tried to learn at first.

My generation’s guitar songs were by like Blink-182, Green Day, Nirvana, Metallica. Younger generations have All That Remains and Dragonforce. Nowadays, I don’t know what going on.”

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