Alex and Eddie Van Halen are some of the best duos that the rock & metal community witnessed. They had been playing together for over forty years with Van Halen that founded in 1974.

Alex had been backing up Eddie’s insane guitar sound with his drum kit, and they have created a legacy together. Unfortunately, the iconic guitars had been struggling from lots of health problems recently, and he passed away in October 2020 due to a stroke at the age of sixty-five, which also ended the story of Van Halen.

One of the YouTubers named ‘Scott On Tape’ wanted to visit the house that Alex and Eddie had been living together when they were little kids and took a trip towards California to experience what they saw back in the days.

Furthermore, you can see in the video that the house is kind of huge compared to the other buildings around, and it also has a huge front yard. With some imagination, you could see how Alex and Eddie could practice together in the house.

Later on, this Youtuber also came across an interesting graffiti that Alex and Eddie left behind on the floor, which was a ‘Van Halen’ sign that represents their imagination for the future.

You can check out the video below.