Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick recalled the band’s Metal Masters Tour and shared his thoughts on the rivalry between the band’s frontman Chuck Billy and Motörhead lead guitarist Phil Campbell in his recent interview with Revolver.

As you probably know, the Metal Masters Tour, featuring Judas Priest, Motörhead, Heaven & Hell, and Testament, started on August 6, 2008, in Camden and ended on August 31, 2008, in Mountain View. Metalheads were so happy and excited to watch these metal legends sharing the same stage.

Not only the fans but also the band members had a great time with each other, threw crazy parties, and pulled pranks during the tour. Alex Skolnick talked about the tour, saying that Chuck Billy and Phil Campbell tried to fool each other all the time, and it turned into a rivalry.

The guitarist revealed that once Billy pulled a prank on Campbell by convincing him that there was a fangirl in his dressing room, but the fan was a doll. Then, Campbell entered the Testament’s stage while riding a horse with Lemmy Kilmister, which Skolnick described as an unforgettable moment during the Metal Masters Tour.

Skolnick stated in his interview that:

“Metal Masters Tour, which had Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, and Motörhead… Chuck Billy and Phil Campbell, they’ve already had this slight rivalry because Chuck convinced Phil that he had this playmate friend that had a crush on him and really wanted to meet him. He said ‘She’s in our dressing room. Go in the dressing room say hi,’ and it was an inflatable blowup doll.

The very last day of the tour was our hometown, the Bay Area show… We get to near the end of the set, we just take our pause, move to the side of the stage. We think some representatives from Bill Graham are going to come out. Instead, a horse comes out on stage. In front of the horse is Phil Campbell, and then Lemmy was in the back of the horse sweeping behind him like the janitor.”

You can watch the interview below.