Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick talked about the time when he auctioned for Ozzy Osbourne during a recent appearance on Waste Some Time With Jason Green.

In the conversation, Alex mentioned that Ozzy was looking for a new guitarist instead of Zakk Wylde after he wanted to move on his solo project, and according to Alex, they were not doing a public auction.

While Alex was saying that they were trying out different guitarists unofficially, but they couldn’t find the right person for them. Afterward, Alex ended up being in the rehearsal with Ozzy in London.

Although Alex managed to play perfectly and everything was going great for him, the only person who didn’t congratulate him was Sharon Osbourne. Because of that, he didn’t get any feedback from Ozzy in the end.

Here is what Alex Skolnick said:

“I didn’t know the whole back story, but I guess at that point, Zakk Wylde was doing his own thing, and they were looking to move on from Zakk, even though he had recorded the most recent album, which was Ozzmosis.

They were not doing a public audition, they were trying a few different players. I know Richie Kotzen auditioned – great player, by the way – some others as well.

But for some reason, they hadn’t found the right fit. I ended up flying to London and auditioning with Ozzy in a dingy rehearsal place in London, and I was basically there for about a week. We ended up doing an unannounced show, and it seemed to go well, he seemed really happy.”

He continued:

“Everybody in the crew said, ‘This is the happiest we’ve seen him. This feels right. I’m sure you’ve got this.’ Ozzy basically told me I’ve got this. But then the one person who didn’t congratulate me was the one who was supposed to let you know if you’re hired or not.

She didn’t seem disappointed, but I kind of got the sense of, ‘Alright. It’s not decided.’ Anyway, a bunch of time goes by and I don’t hear anything, so I kind of assume nothing’s happening.

And then I find out they got the guitarist Joe Holmes, who had auditioned for them earlier on. He had been a candidate at the time Zakk Wylde had tried out.”

Alex Skolnick added:

“I was also getting these messages – subtle messages – about my stance and lowering the guitar. And I realized, ‘Oh…’ Now, having been in the music and entertainment industry for a while, and knowing about casting and things like that, I think they were very used to Zakk.

And I think at first they were trying to make me more like that. They were used to this guitar-slinging, lumberjack thing. I don’t know – obviously, you would have to ask her.”

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