Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick posted a recent tweet in which he claimed Alice Cooper proved people who perceived him as a threat wrong.

Throughout their career, the band Alice Cooper became known for their elaborate shock rock stage performances. Due to that, Cooper is regarded as ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock’ by many music journalists. Cooper aimed to shock audiences with his stage shows which involved fake blood, guillotines, electric chains, and mock fights.

So, as a result, the musician portrayed himself as a potential threat to modern society. However, this was not the case for Alice Cooper. In reality, Cooper has been involved in several charity works and is also the founder of a non-profit organization named Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and the Solid Rock Teen Center.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a photo of Cooper serving food to children in need. Along with KISS’ Paul Stanley, who praised Cooper for his kindness, Alex Skolnick also quoted this photo. In his tweet, Skolnick stated that although he was once considered a threat to society, Alice Cooper is a decent, outstanding citizen, and the so-called ‘model citizens’ actually resemble the evil characters in Cooper’s songs.

Alex Skolnick’s tweet read:

“Once held up as a threat to polite society, Alice Cooper turns out to be a decent, outstanding citizen while so many so-called ‘model citizens’ of schools, churches, businesses, and especially politics, are like the evil characters in his songs.”

You can check out the tweets below.