After Ed Sheeran had to cancel his appearance on Saturday Night Live, Page Six stated that SNL is currently looking for another performer to replace Sheeran. Testament’s lead guitarist Alec Skolnick replied to that news on Twitter and stated he would like to replace him with his band.

Two years after the pandemic, the world started to get back to ‘normal’ again with the widespread vaccination. However, people can still contract the coronavirus easily in a crowded environment, and that’s why it is always safer to be as careful as you can.

Concerts and shows returned to their usual pace after two years, yet, a lot of musicians had to cancel their programs after they or their crew members became diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the pop-rock singer Ed Sheeran announced that he tested positive one day ago. The singer revealed this on Instagram and said he had to cancel all his in-person meetings and interviews. Although SNL’s next episode was going to feature Ed Sheeran,  they will have to replace him in this case.

One of the most important bands of the thrash metal scene, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick replied to SNL’s tweet stating that they are looking for a replacement for Ed Sheeran. In the tweet, he posted a photo of Testament and stated that they are available to replace him.

Here is what Skolnick tweeted:

“I know a band that’s available.

It is not very often for the audience to see a metal band performing on SNL. Therefore, Testament fans became excited to see that their favorite metal band is willing to perform on the show. However, some fans also agreed that they might be ‘too much’ for a show like Saturday Night Live because Testament is much of a bigger band than that stage.

You can see Skolnick’s tweet below: