Alex Van Halen, the drummer and co-founder of the band Van Halen, shared an emotional post through the Van Halen News Desk Twitter page after his younger brother Eddie Van Halen passed away.

As you may remember, Wolfgang Van Halen announced that his father, the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away due to his battle with cancer on October 6. This devastating news broke everyone’s heart and fans from all over the world shared farewell messages for Eddie Van Halen through their social media accounts. Family members and people from the music industry also shared emotional messages for Eddie. 

Alex Van Halen is not a huge fan of using social media accounts. He has a twitter account yet he only used it twice in 2009 and 2015 with two tweets. He also does not have an Instagram account. This leaves his fans without knowledge and updates from his opinions on current events and his personal life.

Since he doesn’t use social media frequently, Eddie Van Halen’s brother Alex Van Halen has been quiet since the heartbreaking incident until recently. Alex shared a lovely picture of himself and Eddie as kids and shared a farewell message for his brother via the Van Halen News Desk Twitter account.

Here is what Alex said to his brother:

“Hey, Ed. Love you. See you on the other side. Your brother, Al.”

You can see the Twitter post below.