The drummer and also the co-founder of Van Halen, Alexander Van Halen, has made a little-known interview with Modern Drummer before the death of Eddie Van Halen, and the interview was unearthed after the release of ‘Modern Drummer Legends Vol. 2: Alex Van Halen Book Bundle.’

Modern Drummer has released a printed and digital copy of the ‘Modern Drummer Legends Vol 2.’ last week and it includes many things from the transcriptions of classic Van Halen tracks, beats, and fills to a brand-new 2020 interview that is the topic of our article.

As you may check out Alex Van Halen’s statements before Eddie’s death, he thinks that live shows are the only thing left in the music business and admitted that he would always regard Van Halen as a live band comparing the streaming benefits of the bands before the modern-era.

Here is what Alex Van Halen said in his recently unearthed interview:

“After we honed our skills, you learn the connection between the people and the music. Playing live, there should be no dead space. Never turn your back on the audience and never insult them. They are equal to you.

That line that separates the audience from the stage, that’s not a line. That’s just to keep them from puking on your shit! You’re there to make the audience feel good.”

He continued:

“There’s nothing left in the music business. It’s a bunch of ones and zeroes. In the old days, you’d get a dollar a record, and now you get 50 cents for 275,000 streams.

It’s insane. It’s wrong. Now the only thing you have is playing live, which is ironic because that’s how it all started.”

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