Alice Cooper recently announced his benefit event ‘Coopstock 2’ from his Solid Rock Instagram account. The event will be held on April 30th, and the tickets are still on sale.

Cooper shows his interest in caring for those who need help in society. He formed Teen Centers in Phoenix and Mesa for young people to discover if they have musical talents they would like to pursue. He allows them to experiment in these centers and pull them into music instead of venturing into bad habits.

Alice believes that every kid has potential and talent they have not yet discovered, and he gave them the opportunity with these centers. He recently announced from Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Instagram account the event ‘Coopstock 2,’ accompanied by many other musicians, and that the tickets are still for sale.

The profit from this event will go directly to these Youth Centres in Mesa and Phoenix. He announced the event’s lineup, and names like Rob Halford, Mike Mills, and Adrian Young grabbed attention.

Here is what the Instagram caption stated:

“Tickets are still on sale for Coopstock 2 on April 30th at Las Sendas Golf Club. Wear your grooviest outfits! Tickets and info link in bio.”

Here is the lineup that was revealed on the post:

“Alice Cooper, Larry the Cable Guy, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Mike Mills of R.E.M., Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Scott Stapp the Voice of Creed, Adrian Young of No Doubt, Danny Seraphine of Chicago, Patrick Warburton of Family Guy and Seinfeld, Sixwire, The Music & Comedy of Gary Mule Deer, Yohan Kim and more!”

According to the ticket sale website, the ticket prices range from $99 to $400. There are seats specifically categorized based on price, and the more you pay, the more luxurious you get to be seated. Because this is a fundraiser event, the fans are looking forward to rocking with a benefit.

You can see the post below.

Photo Credit: Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock – Instagram
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