The founder and frontman of the self-named band, Alice Cooper, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and thanked his fans for their immense support for his new album ‘Detroit Storiesand proudly announced that he has ranked within the top three in numerous countries.

Alice Cooper is one of the most well-known metal stars of all time and he has been active in the metal scene for over five decades. For the past year, the famous musician had been teasing his fans about his twenty-first solo album ‘Detroit Stories‘ and prior to its release, he surprised his fans with his well-received track ‘Social Debris.’

The album was released on February 26, and it soon achieved critical acclaim. With his latest Instagram post, Alice Cooper announced that his new album ranked No.1 in Germany and the United States, No.2 in Scotland, No.3 in Australia, Austria, and Switzerland, and No.4 in the United Kingdom, on the physical album charts.

Alice Cooper wanted to share this great news with his devoted fans and thank them for their unending love and support. Cooper said that he ‘couldn’t have done it’ without his fans, the Minions, and stressed that they are indeed very ‘worthy.’ He finished his message by saying that ‘Detroit Stories’ is ‘taking over the world‘ and advised those who haven’t check it out yet, to visit the link in his bio.

Here’s what Alice Cooper said in the caption of his post:

“We couldnt have done this without you, Minions. You are worthy. 🙌

‘Detroit Stories’ taking over the world. Link in bio.”

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