The frontman and founder of the self-named band, Alice Cooper, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced that he’s celebrating his birthday in the most metal way ever as he decided to give his fans a thank you gift, before he received some from theirs.

Alice Cooper is without a doubt one of the rockstars who are the most active on their social media accounts. He often enjoys using his Twitter account to share his thoughts on important matters and music, talk about his life, and of course announce his upcoming projects.

In his recent tweet, Alice Cooper announced that he’ll be getting his fans a birthday gift this year, instead of expecting a gift for himself. Trying to make it in the ’60s was not an easy task and it took Cooper a long time to catch the distinctive sound he wanted, to ensure that the world would hear their name.

Cooper said that they have ‘always felt like we were social debris, we didn’t fit in’ and that’s why his remaking of the classic hit ‘Social Debris‘ was so meaningful for him. He said that all of the surviving old band members, namely; Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce contributed to the remaking of this legendary track, which was released just some hours ago.

Here’s what Alice Cooper said in the video:

“It’s my birthday today I want to celebrate the single ‘Social Debris’ a gift to Detroit, to my fans, and to myself. It was recorded by the original Alice Cooper band. We always felt like we were social debris. We didn’t fit in. Nobody plays like the original band. They were more dangerous than any other band. If you take this song and listen to ‘Love It To Death/Killer,’ the song seems to go right back to that era. We are social debris and so are you.”

This is what he wrote in the tweet:

“Happy Birthday to… me! To celebrate my birthday, I have a gift for you. A free download of my new song, ‘Social Debris,’ to keep forever. Get yours now here. Stream it here.”

You can check out Alice Cooper’s tweet below.