During a recent conversation with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 radio station, the founder and frontman of his self-named band Alice Cooper talked about the bands that he has enjoyed working with the most and revealed that if he wasnt the frontman of his own band, hed probably want to be Foo Fighters‘.

As you know, Alice Cooper is one of the most famous metal stars of all time, and he has been in the metal scene for over fifty years. As he’s such an influential musician, he’s often asked to express his views on new generation bands and share his thoughts on the whole ‘rock is dead‘ discussion.

In his recent interview, he was asked whether there’s a band that he would enjoy being the frontman of if he didn’t have his own band. Alice Cooper responded by saying that he would probably pick Foo Fighters and said that it’s because ‘when they do my songs, they do it exactly like the band.’

Alice Cooper said that he finds Foo Fighters really talented and that in all the shows that they have done together, he has always felt happy with the outcome. He went on to say that Alice Cooper was one of Foo Fighters’ early influences and that the band members told him ‘they learned how to play listening to our early albums,’ and that’s why he would pick them ‘if they ever needed a really sick lead singer.’

Here’s what Alice Cooper said in the interview when asked about which band he would want to be the frontman of:

“I think probably the Foo Fighters. Only because they’re exactly… When they do my songs, they do it exactly like the band. I mean, it’s amazing. I’ve done a bunch of things with the Foo Fighters, and a lot of their influence was Alice Cooper. The guys in the band said they learned how to play listening to our early albums.

So when I go up on stage with the Foo Fighters, they nail my songs — they do ’em exactly the way they should be done. So I’d probably be in that band if they ever needed a really sick lead singer.”

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