The legendary vocalist and talented actor, Alice Cooper has talked about his band members and shared his opinions about his guitarist Nita Strauss during an interview with Radio Freccia.

In the recent conversation, Cooper answered the question about how he gets on with his band members that include Nita Strauss, Glen Sobel, Ryan Roxie, and Chuck Garric. Alice Cooper also mentioned how happy he is for the success of Strauss, who was voted as the guitarist of the decade.

Alice Cooper said that all of his bandmates are incredibly talented and it is the best band he ever worked with without distinction. Cooper added that his shows would be a theater piece except for the fact that his band puts the shows to the highest level live experience.

Here is what Cooper said during the interview:

“This new show, it looks like an old dark castle. All of a sudden, Alice comes through this thing. Every single lyric is what Alice literally does on stage. So I let the lyrics be the script of the show. And it doesn’t have to be a huge show.

I like the idea of the show being almost more intense. Like, if you take my show into a theater, it’s much more of a theater piece. Except the fact that the band is the best band I’ve ever worked with. Nita Strauss, she just got voted guitarist of the decade.

He continued:

Glen Sobel, my drummer, got voted best drummer in rock and roll. Ryan Roxie and Chuck Garric and all these guys, they are so good. And on top of it, they’re all best friends, so there’s never any ego problems, there’s never any arguments…

There’s no stress. The stress is not there. It’s just fun.”

You can watch the full interview below.