In a recent interview with ‘Three Sides Of The Coin,’ rock legend Alice Cooper has shared his initial impressions of KISS members, and he clarified the current status of his relationship between KISS legends such as Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Alice Cooper said that he had no problems with the KISS members and added that they were friends for a very long time.

Here’s what Alice Cooper stated:

“I went, ‘They’re going to kill these guys if they don’t do totally different makeup.’ They’re a good hard rock band, and they created comic book characters, which I thought was so smart, and they kept it really rock and really down the middle — AC/DC sort of, down the middle hard rock that was very understandable.

They didn’t try to get complicated; they just kept it what it was. I never had one problem with KISS. KISS and I were friends — we were always friends. I think at one point, our people told them where to buy makeup down on Hollywood Boulevard.”

He also mentioned about shock rock. He thought that the audience will no longer be impressed by shock rock.

He continued:

“The problem now is that shock rock, you can’t shock an audience anymore. It was easy to do in 1970. That audience was set up to be shock-rocked. We were still in a kind of innocent area where if you put a guy with makeup on named Alice with snakes and guillotines and baby dolls and pure I-don’t-care and the lyrics were ‘Cold Ethyl’ — which I thought were very funny songs.

Later, people started getting the comedy behind it, but at first, it was a real subversive thing, and it was easy to shock the audience. Now, I do the guillotine in a whole different way, and it’s really effective, but you can turn on CNN and there’s a guy really getting his head cut off — that’s 100 times more shocking than anything that SLIPKNOT or ALICE COOPER or MARILYN MANSON can do.

Reality has caught up, and we really are not shocking as much as it’s a [device] where people want the theatricality of it. I think now, it’s such a tradition that they want to see Alice’s head cut off that they would feel really… At first, that was really a shocking thing.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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