During a recent interview for a radio show called ‘The Afternoon Program,’ the iconic frontman of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper describes his feelings about being a grandfather for the fourth time.

As you might remember, just last month, Alice Cooper released his new single named ‘Don’t Give Up‘ depicting his reaction to the current problems in the world.

Recently, the rock music legend joined a show called ‘The Afternoon Program’ for The Hog radio station. He talked about how he had been coping with the coronavirus crisis and mentioned the post-pandemic status of the band’s tours.

“It’s so unusual for us to have more than two weeks off. I think we canceled over 120 shows.

I expected this thing to go maybe a month or two months. I had no idea that it was gonna go into next year… Everybody gets sort of like a forced vacation right now, and for me, it’s kind of nice.”

Furthermore, Alice Cooper revealed the reason why he was enjoying the ‘forced vacation‘ and also how he has been feeling to be a grandfather for the fourth time.

“I’m here at home with all my family, and all the kids are here. My daughter is expecting a baby in July — our fourth grandchild. So it’s kind of nice to be off, but every band out there is sort of like racehorses ready to go — we can’t wait to get back on the road again.”

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