Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist Nita Strauss shared an Instagram post today, and she explained how an email which she got from Kitten Rescue L.A. changed her life last year.

Global pandemic forced people from different countries, ages, and jobs to lock themselves in their houses to stay away from the extremely deadly virus. This kind of lockdown has changed people’s lifestyles. Even Rock celebrities who spend almost their whole lives from one tour to another have been staying at home for a long time. Spending more time at home creates new hobbies, skills, and ways to help.

Nita Strauss shared her journey fostering a kitten and her becoming a new member of the family. Last year, she got an email from kitten rescue volunteers named Kitten Rescue L.A and realized how important to foster animals that are in need. She volunteered to share her home with a mama cat and three baby kittens.

However, volunteers were only able to save one of them and brought her to Strauss. She happily welcomed the kitten to help both the kitten and her boyfriend Josh Villalta who was still in pain after losing his 18-year-old cat. Their dogs also loved and nursed the kitten. So, they decided not to let her go. They adopted her and named her Pantera. She has become the newest member of the family traveling from one place to another and even has been learning to use the toilet. Nita Strauss and her boyfriend are very grateful for welcoming a new fur baby to their family.

Here’s what she wrote:

“A year ago today I got an email from Kitten Rescue LA that I didn’t realize would be so important in our lives. I had signed up on their website at the start of the lockdown and said that I was available to foster kittens since I was finally home from tour for a longer time and I wanted to help.

The email said that they had found a mama cat and three baby kittens living under a hot chicken coop in the valley and wondered if I would be willing to foster.

Of course, I said YES right away!!! But when the KR team went to collect them, they were only able to save one… One had sadly passed away from the heat, and the mama and the other baby were nowhere to be seen.

I picked this little shadow up and as soon as I peeked in the carrier to see her my heart melted. (swipe for the first pic I ever took of her in the car on the way home.)

Josh was still broken-hearted over losing his amazing cat of 18 years, and I thought fostering would be a sweet way for us to help, and for him to heal. I had no idea that this crazy little thing would claw her way into our hearts the way she did!”

She continued:

“The dogs took to her immediately- so much so that Bentley’s mama instinct kicked in and she started NURSING the baby, which we named Pantera. Needless to say, we foster failed as soon as she was eligible for adoption I paid the fees and made it official.

In the last year, Pantera has grown into a typically aloof, yet incredibly loving cat. She’s traveled literally from coast to coast, on long car rides and plane trips. We taught her to use the toilet, no litter box- even in airports and hotel rooms. (no, she doesn’t flush)

She pretends she couldn’t care less about us… But she sits next to me while I do my makeup every morning, lies on my chest when I’m spent after cardio, and cries pitifully outside any door in the house without fail if we’re in a room without her.

Thank you to Kitten Rescue for connecting so many families like ours with their new fur baby… We are very grateful for what you do!”

You can check out some of the photos she shared right below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram