Alice Cooper guitarist and former member of The Iron Maidens, Nita Strauss, was the latest interview guest of Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner this week and talked about her musical journey as well as what drives her to be a better guitar player.

As you may remember, Nita released her first solo album named ‘Controlled Chaos‘ three years ago, and it got great reviews from professional ratings. While the album features ten unique tracks, Nita also covered the legendary song of Queen, ‘The Show Must Go On.’

While Nita is working on her upcoming album which is expected to be released this year, she made a recent interview this week and stated that being an inspiration to the next generation of girls and making everyone think that ‘That looks like fun, I want to try that’ still pushes her to be better every day. In the same interview, she admitted that playing for Jason Becker was the most terrifying experience of her entire life.

Here is what Alice Cooper guitarist said:

“CI think that when I first started out, the thing that really drove me was that nobody thought I could do it. Nobody thought that I was any good. I was constantly out to prove those people wrong, and that’s where that chip on the shoulder came from.

I think it’s different now because it’s not so much that people don’t think I can do it, but I want to inspire the next generation to think that they can get up and do it. Not just the next generation of girls, but anybody who sees me playing guitar and goes, ‘I want to pick up a guitar and do that.’

The guitar can be intimidating, and I want people to look at me and think, ‘That looks like fun, I want to try that.’ So that’s really what has been driving me and pushing me forward to keep improving and keep trying to be that good role model for the next generation of shred.”

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