During the recent interview with Ultimate-guitar, Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist Nita Strauss said that she would love to play with Metallica.

Interviewer asked “you can play one show with any other band. Who would you join for one night?”, and Nita responded:

Metallica. Easy answer. I would love to play with Metallica. I know so many of their songs and they’re always playing the best venues and they seem like really cool people.

I would love to get onstage with Metallica or Maiden. Maiden I’m pretty familiar with their whole catalog as well.”

She also revealed the guitarist she wants to take guitar lesson from, and said:

Vai for sure. It would totally be Vai although I would be so intimidated by his guitar playing that I don’t know how much of the lesson I would take in. But I would love to sit down with Vai and see how he does some of his stuff.”

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You can watch Nita’s Master of Puppets and Seek and Destroy performances from below.