The talented guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, posted a photo of herself on stage on Instagram and shared a confusing statement about the future of performing on stage.

Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus pandemic, the musicians and bands got into an ambiguous time course. Many of them had to postpone or cancel their upcoming events, concerts, and tours. Still, the future of live performances on stage seemed uncertain.

Recently on Instagram, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss posted a photo of herself taken on stage during an earlier live performance. On the caption of her post, Nita shared a statement about her thoughts on the future of the concert scene which was a bit confusing.

In her recent statement, Nita Strauss mentioned she was hopeful about the possibility of performing live on stage in front of the fans. However, she also stated that even though they would be able to perform again, it wouldn’t be ‘as soon as they want.’ Lastly, Nita wanted to know the fans’ opinions on the issue of whether the concerts would ever come back or the live streams would be the new form of performances.

Here’s what Nita Strauss stated on the caption of her post:

“Looking ahead to a future of concerts 👀 ⁣

I’ve been optimistic to a fault throughout this whole process, and while dates do keep getting pushed back and this break is stretched longer and longer… I still have 💯% confidence that the concert scene we love so much will be back to its former glory someday. I don’t know when that will be- certainly not as soon as we want, but it will happen.⁣

And you guys…⁣
It’s gonna be AWESOME 😏⁣

What do you think? Are concerts coming back or are live streams the way of the future?⁣

You can see the photo Nita Strauss posted on her Instagram account below.