Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss took to her official Instagram to announce her newest band and released a new video from one of their first-ever songs.

Nita revealed that the name of the band is decided to be The ‘Wheelblocks,’ featuring Chris Jericho as a vocalist, Phil Demmel as a guitarist alongside Nita, Johnny Christ as a bass guitarist, and Nita’s boyfriend Josh V as a drummer.

Nita released a teaser of the newest song of the band, Aces High, and stated that they recorded this song following the self-quarantine rules. Also, Nita thanked Phil Demmel for forming this band and adding Nita and Josh V on it.

After sharing that rare video on her official Instagram page, almost 30K people went to the like button and showed their admiration to the iconic guitarist.

Here is the caption of the video:

“The Wheelblocks Aces High quarantine jam is officially out on all platforms today!!! Thanks so much, Phil Demmel for putting this fun jam together and having Josh V and I on it!!!!⁣

Somebody just tells us next time that we’re doing funny for the video so I can go get some aviator goggles or something.😆”⁣

Here is the video that was shared by Nita below.