Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss took her official Instagram account to share a new video and revealed how she is working out with his boyfriend, Josh V.

As you can see in the video below, Nita and Josh were punching and kicking out the punching bag, and you can see that they both have great boxing techniques, which makes them a more adorable couple.

In the caption, Nita mentioned that they opened up the versus mode to be as competitive as they can be, which is a way more enjoyable way to work out and stay healthy for them.

Furthermore, we should mention that Nita was playing her song Alegria in the background and make it more entertaining. Also, they had their cat, Pantera, making a cameo at the end of the video.

Here is what Nita Strauss said:

“Josh and I just realized we could compete against each other in our Fight Camp workouts… Let’s just say it’s been a fun way for us to satisfy our healthy competitive nature.

You can track against another participant, against the average FightCamp user score, ‘You vs You’ where you try to beat your own previous score, or just hit the bag without keeping track if that’s your thing… But if you’re competitive like us, this option is pretty awesome!

They also just did an update so you can listen to your favorite playlist from Spotify or Apple Music! So if you want to listen to Alegria during your workout like this, FightCamp has got you covered. Watch to the end for a Pantera workout cameo as usual.”

You can check out the post below.