Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist, Nita Strauss, recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account and asked her fans about how they’re doing with their ‘guitar shredwhile announcing that she has been working on her new album.

As you know, Strauss is one of the most successful rockstars of the 21st century and her fame increased after she started touring with Alice Cooper in 2014. She has been active in the rock scene since 2003 and she has been named the Number 1 out of the ‘10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know‘ on Guitar World’s list.

Stauss is also the first female Ibanez Guitars signature artist and now, her dream guitar is sold in three different versions. In 2018, Nita Strauss had announced that she will be releasing her debut album ‘Controlled Chaos‘ and launched a Kickstarter campaign which was a huge success, and in just two hours she raised eight times more than its initial goal.

Strauss produced her first record herself, played all the guitars and bass, and did most of the engineering. The first single from ‘Controlled Chaos’ was released in September 2018 along with the pre-orders of the record. The vinyl versions sold-out before the release of the album and ‘Controlled Chaos’ debuted on the Billboard charts at Number 1 ‘Top New Artist,’ Number 3 ‘Laber Independent,’ and Number 4 ‘Top Hard Music.’

Upon this huge success, it should not be surprising that Nita Strauss gathered the courage and motivation to make a new solo album. With her recent Instagram post, she stated that she has been writing a lot for her new album and that she found herself ‘an unusual amount of twohand tapping and sliding things’ which are actually not her normal patterns.

Here’s what Nita Strauss said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Now that Body Shred signups are over- Back to our regularly scheduled guitar shred 🎸 Guitar players, what’s everyone been practicing lately?

I’ve been writing a lot for my upcoming album and find myself doing an unusual amount of two-hand tapping and sliding things. Not my normal patterns, and I’m kind of into it!

📸 from the good old days by Jodi Cunningham”

Click here to check out the photo that Nita Strauss posted on her Instagram account.