The iconic tour guitarist of Alice Cooper and also known as the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars, Nita Strauss, has posted a recent video from one of their gigs and showed off some of her finest stage tricks ever.

While sharing the fact that Nita miss touring and tour life, she also stated that the Swedish guitarist and leader of Steeler, Yngwie Johan Malmsteen, has the best stage moves ever. She also did not forget to mention the person named Jeffrey Ward who has captured these iconic moments.

Back in March, Nita had an interesting conversation with her hater who called herself as ‘Female Yngwie Malmsteen’ and says she sucks. She showed her respect to Yngwie that time too and wrote this to the hater:

“I don’t know about you guys, but I think “Female Yngwie Malmsteen” in a pretty rad compliment… So Thanks.”

Here is what Nita Strauss wrote about Yngwie Malmsteen in her latest post:

“Fun concert memory from Jeffrey Ward! I think I just let the momentum carry me sometimes. 😆🎶⁣

Which musicians do you think have the coolest stage moves? Off the top of my head, I say Yngwie Malmsteen.”

You can check out the latest video of Nita Strauss below.