Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss spoke in an interview with Total Guitar Magazine, and revealed the details of her first met with Jason Becker in 2015.

She has revealed the advice she got from Becker. Here’s the statement:

“I met Jason Becker a few years ago. I had the privilege of going to his house and playing ‘Perpetual Burn’ for him, which was terrifying, and then hung out for a while.”

She continued:

“I don’t like bothering people with fan-type questions usually, I try not intruding on someone’s space, but I did ask Jason what advice he would give a young player following in his footsteps… because that’s the question everybody should ask Jason!

Talking with him is very easy; the way he communicates with his eyes only takes a minute to get used to and then you are on the couch chatting away and having a normal conversation.

His answer wasn’t necessarily generic but it wasn’t the one I expected: ‘Learn different styles and educate yourself into being a more well-rounded player.’

So I thanked him and jokingly added, ‘But it’s just so much more fun to shred!’ And even though his face doesn’t move much, you could see a very clear smile.

He replied, ‘You’re right – fuck that, just shred!’ I didn’t want to tell anyone that for ages but eventually I realized it was too classic not to share.”

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