The fronting member of his self-titled band and Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper, has sent a new post on his own verified Instagram account and announced that his latest podcast is now available for all fans for free.

As you will read the caption of the post, on this episode of Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault, Alice has shared how did he able to record music with Paul McCartney with the Hollywood Vampires crew.

Here is the caption:

“On this week’s episode of Vintage Vault, Alice Cooper features Paul McCartney and takes a look back at when they recorded with The Hollywood Vampires together. Out now!! Link in bio. 🤘”

And old-school Alice Cooper fan and a grandmother, marilyngho, wrote this:

“You are one of the very first bands I saw.. in St. Louis with Black Sabbath in a garage area everyone sitting on the floor. You had a giant toothbrush…

Probably 70-72. I’d have to think to hard but yeah wow Izzy and Alice St. Louis arenas garage lol.”

Another user, 8redneckcabingirl222 shared this:

“Hollywood vampires tonight like in a couple of hours tonight?

I’m so confused about the Time zones for everyone.”

You can listen to the podcast and check out the Instagram post below.