The legendary rock music veteran, Alice Cooper of Hollywood Vampires, has shared an interesting photo of himself via his verified Twitter account and revealed his own Dolly Parton Challenge on this post.

The ‘Dolly Parton Challenge’ is a newly popular internet trend where users post four different photos of themselves as they would appear on the social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

Alice Cooper wrote a strange message and asked a question ‘Which is your favorite’ to followers:

“All are one and one is all…Joining the #DollyPartonChallenge trend

Which is your favorite?”

A fan named Saturninebear commented:

“Swoon. I’ve always loved that “Facebook” shot. 1st album I ever bought in my life was Alice’s Pretties for you/Easy Action double back in 1973. I’ve loved him ever since.”

Another fan named Josepha Kalsbeek answered:

“I think the Facebook one is the closest to your off-stage personality. Friendly guy, good to hang out with. Rock on.”

You can see the tweet and photo right below.