The Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper, was recently interviewed by 95 KGGO Radio and talked about his recently released album named ‘Detroit Stories’ as well as the ongoing ‘Rock is Dead’ debate that was recalled by Gene Simmons on one of his interviews at the end of the year.

Alice Cooper has released his latest ever studio album ‘Detroit Stories’ last month and it’s featured fifteen new tracks including cover songs from The Velvet Underground and MC5. The album got 7.2/10 from critic reviews and 7.4/10 from users.

While promoting his last album, Alice Cooper was asked what his thoughts on the ‘rock is dead’ debate. As you may remember, Gene Simmons doubled down on this remark back in January in his interview with NME Music and claimed that new bands couldn’t take the time to create glamour, excitement, and epic stuff.

In his latest interview with 95 KGGO, Alice Cooper has stated that rock and roll is just too much fun to let die and there are so many kids around learning Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, and himself right now.

Here is what Alice Cooper said in his last interview:

“I think what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna see a total resurgence of hard rock. There’s gonna be a very young bunch of kids out there that are gonna show up, and they’re gonna be snotty, and they’re gonna be arrogant — just what rock should be — when you saw The Stones for the first time or you saw any of those bands.

Because every generation rebels against the last generation and the last generation were very high tech — techno this and techno that.”

He continued:

“Why are teenagers buying records? They’re buying vinyl, and they’re buying turntables. I think that’s right there an indication that there are kids right now in garages all over the world learning Aerosmith and Ozzy and Alice — they’re learning those songs. Because rock and roll is just too much fun to let die.”

You can watch the whole interview right below.

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