The iconic rock star and fronting member of Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper posted a recent tweet on his official Instagram page and announced that ‘Record Store Day Black Friday’ is happening this week.

He also reminded his followers that his iconic album, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ is now available on vinyl.

Here is what Alice Cooper wrote:

“Record Store Day Black Friday is happening this week, and Alice Cooper’s BILLION DOLLAR BABIES LIVE will be available on vinyl for the first time!

Recorded live in Houston, Texas on April 28, 1973. Only 6k copies available worldwide

He added:


A Twitter fan named JimboOMalley commented and said this:

“We bought BDB and the Dragontown. (already had an earlier edition). The double colored vinyl was the clincher. Also picked up the Classics on Vinyl this morning.”

Another user named MichaelAnne65 wrote this:

“I really enjoyed that song during your concert, and the giant baby on stage was a lot of fun to watch! Great Show!”

Check out the tweets below.