Rock legend Alice Cooper took his official Instagram account to share a new post and talked about his newest album, Detroit Stories.

For the past year, Alice Cooper had been teasing about Detroit Stories, and he finally released the album in February 2021. Also, he guested such musicians as Joe Bonamassa, Michael Bruce, and many more.

In the post, the legendary singer mentioned that ‘Shut Up & Rock’ song is the most politically incorrect song in the whole album and explained the reason while mentioning its lyrics.

Alice pointed out that he wrote a guy who was talking with his girlfriend and saying that he doesn’t care about what she says because he only wants to rock n roll. However, it couldn’t be real to do such a thing today and that’s why Alice finds the lyrics so funny.

Here is what Alice Cooper wrote:

“Alice Cooper Behind-The-Song: Shut Up & Rock.

Probably the most politically incorrect song on the album. I thought it was funny. When you really listen to the lyrics. Alice takes you behind Shut Up & Rock.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.