Hollywood Vampires icon, Alice Cooper has shared a new tweet for showing his own 2019 Spotify Wrapped results on his verified and official Twitter account.

The fans have streamed Alice Cooper‘s songs 91.2 Million times in 2019. In addition, Alice has had 14.8 Million listeners in that period. Apparently, Alice Cooper liked these results and wrote a sincere thanks message for everyone who listened to his songs.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Thanks for listening to this year on @Spotify.”

A fan Brad Hedrick commented:

“It’s funny, my best friend in elementary school, at Beacon Hill in Hong Kong.

He loved your music, we were warned against it, and now I found out that you like Jesus.”

Another fan named Gay Harding said:

“I’ve been listening to The Alice Cooper Show like a maniac. That bloody album changed my life. Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter still unreachable.”

You can see the tweet of Alice Cooper right below.