Alice Cooper recently joined a Q&A session at the Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2022 and recalled when he met Elvis Presley for the first time and the weird interaction he had with him.

The annual Monsters of Rock Cruise took place between February 9, 2022, and February 14 this year. It featured performances from Alice Cooper along with over 35 musicians. Cooper was the event’s headliner and performed many of his well-known songs during the show. During the Q&A sessions of the event, he told many unknown or lesser-known stories from his long-term career.

It is for sure that Alice Cooper’s career is filled with many bizarre moments. He revealed one from when he met Elvis Presley for the first time back in the early 1970s. The funny story occurred when Cooper got a call and received an invitation saying that Elvis Presley wanted to meet him. He accepted the invitation and went to the Hilton Hotel to meet Presley. However, he was not the only one looking forward to meeting him, as Elvis had also invited Chubby Checker, Liza Minnelli, and Linda Lovelace.

He was checked if he had a gun on him and then waited for Presley to come in. King of Rock and Roll praised his attention-grabbing outlook and said he wanted to show him something. He handed him a loaded gun, and for a moment, Cooper considered that he could shoot him now if he wanted. The rocker jokingly recalled this weird moment about his first encounter with Elvis Presley and then expressed his admiration for him.

Here is how Alice Cooper recalled pointing a loaded gun at Elvis Presley:

“I think it was in 1972. I’m in Las Vegas, and I get a call, ‘Elvis wants to meet you.‘ Wow, okay, so I get to the Hilton Hotel, and he had the entire top of the Hilton Hotel. I get there, and there were three people, and they were also going to meet him. It was Chubby Checker, Liza Minnelli and Linda Lovelace, and me. Three of us left that night; one stayed. No, I don’t know what Elvis and Chubby Checker did.

That was a good setup, but anyway, we all went up in the elevator, and then they check us for guns, which is silly because once you get up, there are guns everywhere. I say, ‘If you’re going to shoot Elvis, you have to shoot him with his own gun.’ Elvis walks in, and he goes, ‘Hey man. You’re that cat with the snake, ain’t ya?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘That’s cool with little makeup and all stuff, man.’

He says, ‘You’re from Detroit.’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he goes, ‘Come here, I want to show you something.’ I go into the kitchen. He closes the door, opens and hands me a loaded Smith & Wesson 38. He says, ‘Okay man, I want you to look and hold this helmet. I’m going to show you how to take this gun outta somebody’s hand.’ Alice Cooper’s got a loaded gun on Elvis Presley. The little devil pops up and goes, ‘Shoot him.’

You can watch the entire Q&A session below.