The founder and frontman of the self-named band Alice Cooper recently posted an old interview on his Instagram account during which he talked about the time he first met Elvis Presley who gave him a loaded gun which made Cooper think about whether he should kill Elvis.

During the interview, Alice Cooper revealed that he was invited by Elvis Presley to the Hilton hotel in 1970. Although he thought that they were going to be alone, in the elevator he came across the famous actress Liza Minelli, the rock n’ roll legend and founder of ‘the twist’ Chubby Checker, and pornographic actress Linda Lovelace.

Apparently, he had invited them all. So, the four guests got on the elevator and went up. Before going in, they get searched for guns, which Cooper found hilarious as ‘there were guns everywhere once you got in.’ So, at some point, Elvis comes into the room and Cooper recalls thinking that he has a very ‘main guyattitude.

Elvis walks up to Alice Cooper and asks ‘you’re the kid with the snake, ain’t you?’ and then tells him that he believes it’s pretty cool. Then, he guides Cooper to the kitchen where he gives him a Snubnose 38 pistol and tells him that he’ll teach Alice how to take a gun out of someone’s hand. At that point, Cooper recalled that the first thing the ‘little devil’ told him to do with the gun was to shoot Elvis.

Here’s how Alice Cooper described that day [transcribed by MHZ]:

“Now I met Elvis in 1970. I get a call saying ‘Elvis wants to meet you.’ I got to the Hilton hotel, the elevator opened up and it was me, Liza Minnelli, Chubby Checker, Linda Lovelace. He invited those four people that night. So we go up, and they search us for guns, which was kind of silly ’cause there were guns everywhere once you got in.

When he came into the room he was Elvis. He wasn’t the fat Elvis, he was Elvis, he was the guy. He goes, ‘Hey man, you’re the kid with the snake, ain’t you? That’s cool man. I wish I would’ve thought of that, that’s cool man.’ Then he says ‘Come, I wanna show you something.’

We go to the kitchen, he opens a drawer takes out a loaded Snubnose 38 and puts it in my hand, and says ‘I’m going to show you how to take this gun out of somebody’s hand.’ And the little devil right here [shows left arm] says ‘Shoot him.'”

Here’s what Alice Cooper said in the caption of his post:

“About the time I met Elvis.”

You can check out the video that Alice Cooper posted on his Instagram account below.