Alice Cooper was asked about his relationship with Ted Nugent during a recent interview with Creative Loafing Tampa Bay. Cooper explained that he accepts Nugent as he is, but he doesn’t find it right to include politics in music.

As you know, Ted Nugent has always been an outspoken figure regarding his political views. He is a fierce supporter of the Republican Party and advocates their policies on gun rights and hunter’s rights. Although he has received a serious backlash due to his harsh tone and controversial statements, he has never stepped back.

On the other hand, Alice Cooper is almost the opposite of Ted Nugent when it comes to politics, as he has always kept his distance from it. Cooper was asked about his relationship with Ted Nugent after all his controversial statements during a recent conversation. Cooper revealed that they grew up together in the same environment, and thus he knows Nugent very well. Alice Cooper stated that Nugent has always been like this, so he accepts him as he is.

Then, Cooper continued by saying that he doesn’t like talking about politics, and he also doesn’t think that politics have a place in music. He understands that many people think they should make their voices heard in the political scene, but he prefers music to be outside of politics. Alice Cooper added that he felt like that as a child as well since he would prefer listening to music rather than hearing his parents talking about politics.

Alice Cooper reflecting on his relationship with Ted Nugent:

“Ted and I grew up together in Detroit, and he’s always been the mouth that roared. When he gets going, nobody can stay with him. I kind of look at him as his own entity. I don’t ever talk politics… I hate politics. I don’t think rock and roll and politics belong in the same bed together, but a lot of people think it does — because we have a voice, and we should use our voice.

But again, rock and roll should be anti-political, I think. When my parents started talking about politics, I would turn on the Stones as loud as I could. I don’t want to hear politics, and I still feel that way.”

Although Alice Cooper thinks otherwise, it looks like politics will always have a place in music as music is an integral part of the culture. He probably feels like Ted Nugent takes it too far as he never filters what he says.