The frontman and founder of the self-named band, Alice Cooper, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced that ‘Social Debris‘ is now available on Spotify and confirmed the release date of his upcoming album.

As you know, Alice Cooper is one of the rockstars who are the most active on their social media accounts. Cooper often enjoys using his Twitter account as a platform where he can express his thoughts on important matters, share sneak peeks from his life, and of course, announce his latest projects.

Alice Cooper had recently made it to our headlines with his latest announcement considering the release of ‘Social Debris which could be streamed on numerous platforms. However, in his recent tweet, Cooper announced that it’s now available on Spotify too.

He advised his fans to listen to ‘Social Debris’ as it was made in collaboration with Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway, and Michael Bruce. Following that, Cooper added that the rest of his ‘Detroit Stories‘ album will be released on February 26 which highly excited his devoted fans.

Here’s what Alice Cooper said in his recent tweet:

“My new single ‘Social Debris‘ is now streaming on Spotify. Save it and add it to your playlists, and get ready for the rest of my ‘Detroit Stories‘ coming out on Feb 26.”

You can check out Alice Cooper’s tweet and listen to ‘Social Debris‘ below.