The frontman of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper, was the latest interview guest of 95.5 KLOS’ Shock Rock last week and shared his excitement for his latest studio album ‘Detroit Stories’ and mourned his late bandmate, Glen Buxton.

While Alice is still promoting his twenty-eight studio album Detroit Stories that features 15 never-released-before tracks, in his latest interview, he reminded the late rhythm guitarist of his band, Gelen Edward Buxton who passed away at the age of 49 due to pneumonia.

As you may already know, Buxton was ranked number 90 on Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitarists of all time back in 2003 and until his unexpected death, he worked with Alice on seven different studio albums.

In his latest interview with 95.5 KLOS, as he talked about the 50th anniversary of their third album ‘Love It To Death,’ Alice stated that Glen was the Keith Richards of the band before he passed away and they were never going to sound like Alice Cooper without him.

Here is what he said:

“When our band broke up, we didn’t divorce as much as we separated. There was no bad blood, there were no lawyers, there was no…

It was just a matter of us all going in our different directions. We had just done five albums in a row without rest, we did five albums and toured – when we weren’t recording, we were touring.

And it just got to a point where we were becoming dysfunctional, and I think we all recognized that. We just all spread apart, but we never ever were enemies. So, Dennis and I stayed in touch with each other over all those years, same with Neal, same with Mike, and Glen passed away…”

He continued:

“When Glen passed away… He was our Keith Richards, so it was never going to sound like Alice Cooper again without Glen. He was a very unique ingredient to Alice Cooper.

And so on the last four albums that I’ve done, the original band has been on all four of those albums. They’ve done two or three songs on those albums, and they’re playing as well as they’ve ever played.”

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