The lifting of the pandemic restrictions caused happiness worldwide because people were aching to go back to everyday life. Alice Cooper complained about this in an interview with New York Post, but now that the concerts are back and he can perform again, he is happier than ever.

Cooper began touring as soon as the restrictions were lifted, and now he is performing all over the USA. His Europe tour will start in May, and he’ll finally make up for the time he lost with his fans. For Alice, the stage has always been a platform to show his musical talents and showmanship. Losing that for almost two years felt like sobering up from drugs for Cooper, and he misses the high.

Here is how he resembled the pandemic to sobering up:

“It was like coming off of a drug because the adrenaline is your drug onstage. I mean, everybody’s sober. But you miss that adrenaline, that one-on-one.”

He doesn’t only hate not being able to perform but he also called social media live performances ‘fake’ and criticized the musicians who stayed connected with their fans by performing music online.

His criticism stated:

“It’s still flat, and there’s no audience. So don’t try to fake it.”

Even though he stated that it was nice spending time with his family and even learning tap dance, it seems like the singer’s actual home is the stage. The fans will not be disappointed in his upcoming shows as the singer will bring his snakes on stage.

In the interview, he also stated his sadness over travel restrictions. Before, he could easily travel with his snakes with a permit. However, it’s harder to travel with them currently as they need a passport instead of a permit.

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