During a recent interview with ‘Kerrang Magazine,’ Hollywood Vampires icon Alice Cooper talked about the late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, and his well-known drinking addiction.

While discussing Lemmy Kilmister would be a member of Hollywood Vampires one day, Alice Cooper told a very interesting story about Lemmy’s drink addiction.

Here’s what Alice Cooper said:

“He’d probably be our bass player! All of us knew Lemmy, on different levels, because he played with us so many times – everyone in the band had done tours with Lemmy. He was sort of a journeyman.

I quit drinking 37 years ago, but he came to me once and said, ‘Alice. I quit drinking.’ And he had a drink in his hand!

I was sitting there going, ‘That’s great – and that must be Coca-Cola?’ He said, ‘No, there’s a little whiskey in there.’ His idea of not drinking was not drinking a bottle of whiskey each night. Maybe just five or six drinks.”

Alice Cooper also said that he quit drinking 37 years ago because of health problems. He continued:

“I mean, I stopped drinking 37 years ago, because I got up one morning and threw up blood. I knew that it’s not smart to join the 27 Club, but my doctor said, ‘If you really want to join them, just keep doing what you’re doing.’

I got the point. If you look at guys like Steven Tyler and Iggy and myself – all the guys that are still here touring – it’s all because we got a hold of our addictions and decided we’d rather make 20 more albums than be in a cold grave somewhere.”

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