American rock veteran and legendary singer, Alice Cooper, spoke in the recent interview with the world-wide economy magazine, Forbes, and revealed his thoughts about getting COVID-19.

COVID-19, publicly known as coronavirus, is a highly contagious disease that has between 1.5/2.5 basic reproduction number, which means that you can infect this disease to three people in some cases.

In the conversation, Alice Cooper has explained how he spends his days in the self-quarantine. Apparently, he found some new hobbies for himself which one of them is playing golf.

Here’s what he said:

“The great thing in Arizona is that the golf courses are open. They say it’s an outdoor event, you’re not touching anything but your own equipment. And they want people out doing something — walking, outdoor activities and they said that is the one sport that is not a contact sport.

There are 200 golf courses here. So we go out every morning, first off there’s nobody out there. We have the whole place to ourselves and we’re done by 9:30, 10 o’clock and it’s great. We come home and then I don’t feel guilty sitting watching TV all day.”

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A few weeks ago, in the conversation with the Arizona Republic, Alice Cooper said that he doesn’t afraid of getting coronavirus because he is so conscious about this.

Also, he stated you should take responsibility for not getting the disease. And you should protect everybody as well as yourself.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“For me and Sheryl, two months off is great. We’re at home, the golf courses are open, which is great for me.

You’re sitting here with Netflix and Hulu. We haven’t had one problem getting food or anything.”

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