The founding member and also the frontman of his self-named band, Alice Cooper, has shared a couple of new posts on his official Instagram page today and continued to promote his new album named ‘Detroit Stories.’

Last week, Alice Cooper’s latest ever album ‘Detroit Stories’ has been released by earMUSIC for almost every single available streaming platform on the internet. The album consists of fifteen new songs and got almost perfect reviews from the music websites.

In his latest post on Instagram, Alice Cooper has picked one of the most interesting highlights from his interview with ‘UCG’ that he shared his thoughts on rocking in Detroit. According to Alice Cooper, the people in Detroit wants a hard rock with attitude and maybe that is what makes the album so awesome.

Here is one of the headliners from his latest interview:

“In Detroit, if you went up there and said, ‘This is a song about love and roses,’ they would just kill you. They wanted hard rock with attitude.”

After sharing the photo he wrote this in the caption:

Detroit was a city in love with tough, bombastic music, and the band found a thrilled fanbase.”

Just before sending a post about his latest interview with Ultimate Classic Guitar, he also did not forget to celebrate the 46th anniversary of ‘Department of Youth’ from ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ album that was managed to reach 67th spot of The Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

Here is what he said about the song:

“On this day in 1975, ‘Department of Youth’ was released as a single.”

You can check out the posts by clicking here and here. You may watch the ‘Department of Youth’ single right below.