The iconic rock star and fronting member of Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper has shared some special photos of the fans via his official and verified Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Some fans of Alice Cooper had lots of interesting tattoos that influenced by Alice Cooper’s face, eyes, and hairs. After seeing that photo, Alice Cooper has shared all of the photos of his fans on social media account, and he didn’t say anything, added just a hashtag.

Here’s what he captioned:


A fan named rusmith78 commented:

“I got to show you the tattoo that I have of you. It’s in the back of my arm. Alice, you’re my favorite artist of all time.”

Another user named miss_kitty_ny wrote a long comment to Alice:

“You know I thought about getting roses on a vine tattoo for myself with Harley Davidson on it for Christmas but I realized I need a folding treadmill for traveling.

Happy Holidays to You Alice 🎄🎀🎄 The Hard Cider knocked me for a loop last night & swear it was white lightning.”

You can see the Instagram post of Alice Cooper right below.

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