The legendary rock music veteran, Alice Cooper of Hollywood Vampires, has shared some special photos which sent from his own fans via his verified and official Twitter account.

The photos were drawn by his fanbase named ‘Alice Cooper’s Minion Mafia.’ In the photos, Alice Cooper looks really crazy and also, cute. He penned down a meaningful message with these photos.

Here’s what he wrote:

“These minions got some talent! #MinionMonday.”

A user named Feisty Green Eyes commented:

“Happy New Year Vince, to you & your family.Slightly off subject, but remember this? Recently located your first 45 in original sleeve, when you guys were Nazz.

A gift from Michael, years ago. My most prized musical possession. Do you know how many were produced?”

Another user named Duffwonderstuff wrote this:

“Hey, Alice I went to school with a guy that tells me he dates your daughter named Darwin Holmes and that he lives like 2/3 houses down from you in N. Las Vegas.”

You can see the photos right below.