During a recent interview with ‘Kerrang Magazine,’ Hollywood Vampires icon Alice Cooper talked about Hollywood Vampires which he founded with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and actor Johnny Depp in 2015.

When asked what makes Johnny Depp unique as a guitarist, Alice Cooper mentioned interesting details about the actor’s character.

Here’s what Alice Cooper stated:

“Johnny started out as a guitarist. He was in a band in Kentucky that he’d started with his friends. He ended up in Florida, then came to LA and accidentally became an actor. He wasn’t really looking to be an actor.

And so what surprised us was how good a guitarist he was. He got up there and he could play on anything. He just did some shows with Jeff Beck. If you’re a guitar player and you’re playing with Jeff Beck, there must be something good going on there.

Johnny gets up and does solos with Joe Perry – who is considered one of the great guitar players in rock – and just kills it.”

Back in September, Alice Cooper told about Johnny Depp. He previously said:

“Johnny’s as good a guitar player as anybody. People always kind of question Johnny’s guitar playing. I tell them: Do you know who he’s out with right now and playing in the band?

They ask, ‘Who?’ I said, ‘Jeff Beck.’ If you’re playing with Jeff Beck, the greatest guitar player of all time, that does say something about your guitar playing.”

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